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June 30, 2007



That bit about the percentage of Washingtonians attending Latin Mass is wrong - there's another Post article that mentions that more than 500 were at a single Tridentine Mass at St. Mary Mother of God one weekend. That's only one of the 3 churches. Then there are the churches in the Diocese of Arlington that have the Latin Mass - St. Catherine of Siena in Great Falls comes pretty close to filling its pews for its Latin Mass.

Speaking for myself, I'd never been to a Latin Mass before I went to one at St. Catherine, so how would I have known whether I wanted it or not? I'm willing to bet if more people were exposed to it first they'd see the same beauty in it that I did.

And don't you think it's at all odd that many in the American Church would fight to have their Spanish Mass before they'd be willing to even entertain the idea of the Tridentine Mass?? Even if it isn't the exact Mass used in the early days of the Church, it's much closer than some of the Masses I've been at in recent years.

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